Clean Reads Resources

This section includes a short bibliography of selected “clean reads” as well as links to guide you to other sources.  You may discover, while looking through our suggestions, that our definition of clean reads does not match your own.  They may not match your patrons.  Your definition may not match a patron’s, either.  In fact, it is pretty likely that each of us has our own definition of what makes a book clean or not clean.  These titles and links are intended to act only as a starting point.  Suggested titles may include elements, such as magic, that may not meet a reader’s needs.  If you are using this list for personal reading, you will have an easy time deciding what will work and what won’t.

If, however, you are using this list to assist with reader’s advisory, we would like to suggest that you use this list in conjunction with a conversation with your patron.  Ask them what they mean by clean.  Try to figure out which elements in particular are considered out of bounds.  A good place to start is to ask them what books they’ve already read.  The answers should give you a general idea of what the patron is looking for.  

Clean Reads Bibliography

Clean Reads Recommended Lists and Websites


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