Christian Resources


This section includes a brief list of suggested titles as well as more extensive links to further resources.  You can find an abundance of resources for Christian reads on the internet; ours are just the tip of the iceberg.  

In selecting books for this section, we had first to decide what, exactly, is Christian fiction?  Is it any book about the Christian faith?  Any book in which the characters attend church?  To find the answer, we did what comes most naturally to librarians in times of trouble: we turned to our catalog.  The appropriate subject heading is “Christian Life – Fiction”.  This, however, will also bring up books in which the main character is living a weird cult that marries off ten year old girls to creepy old men.


That did not strike either of us as being particularly Christian.  So we made a judgment call.  We have only included Christian titles that deal with Christianity positively. 

Is Christianity a genre then?  Like mysteries or westerns?  We tend to think this is not the case.  Christianity is a characteristic of a book, not a genre.  Christian books can be found in all genres, including mysteries, chick lit, and, yes, even fantasy.  A Christian book is one that espouses the ideals of Christianity through its characters and/or through the storyline itself.  Is a story about a girl questioning her faith a Christian book?  We think so.

In short, the books listed here portray Christian life, Christian people, and the Christian church in a positive light.  We tried to include books from many different genres so that you can meet the reading needs of your patrons.  The other resources should help you continue finding materials.


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